WTXF-TV Philadelphia, Pa

WTXF TV Philadelphia Pa 1
WTXF TV Philadelphia Pa 2
WTXF TV Philadelphia Pa 3

Set & Lighting Design: FX Design Group

Technology Integration: AV Design Services

Philadelphia’s Fox 29, WTXF-TV’s new home features sleek curved elements that combine backlit LED graphics and multiple monitor walls for a flexible space.

The sets curved anchor desk is framed by a backlit element and is capable of being used sitting or standing by talent. A floating frame connects the anchor area to a 6x3 video wall made up of Philips BDL4777XL seamless displays, with multiple backlit columns flanking the space.

In addition, bold Fox branding fronts the desk, which is positioned with a curved monitor wall of six Philips BDL5588XL in portrait mode behind.

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